NFL Color Rush unveils stylish new designs

Jake Reed, Spear Contributor

Jerseyheads and casual football fans alike reacted to the unveiling of the NFL’s latest crop of Color Rush uniforms on Tuesday. While the garish uniforms of yesteryear (think the Rams/Buccaneers’ “Ketchup and Mustard Bowl”) were met with mostly negative results, the new special edition uniforms have received a fair amount of TLC. Some highlights include a stylish green Seahawks uniform, a Lakers-esque purple and gold Ravens uniform, and the throwback “Orange Crush” Broncos uniform with retro helmet to boot. Sorry Jaguars fans, the dijon mustard uniforms are here to stay.

What is the point of the Color Rush? Surely it can’t be a mere attempt to turn a quick buck and boost the Nike brand, right? While some doubters might reach this conclusion, I believe the Color Rush is a response to a flourishing new subculture within the sporting world. Manufacturers of athletic gear no longer are focusing solely on functionality; instead, they are implementing new colors and design methods to transform athletic gear into a form of fashion. For instance, Von Miller sported unique Yeezy cleats during the Broncos’ season opener against the Panthers on Sep. 8. While these served their purpose as cleats during the game, they also offered an output for Miller’s fresh sense of style. The Color Rush series represents a similar principle; allowing jersey makers to blur the lines between functionality and style and provide a refreshing new form for sports gear. In a way, I suppose the Color Rush is a way to boost the Nike brand, but it also represents a renaissance for the designing of athletic gear and a downright brilliant business move.

Another interesting note: the first $500,000 from Color Rush jersey sales will go to victims of recent floods in Baton Rouge, LA. Proceeds will also benefit the NFL Foundation to support health and wellness for youth football programs.

Color Rush uniforms will be displayed weekly during Thursday Night Football, with jersey sales continuing all season long.