Dear Freshmen: The start of something new


Lauren David, Herald Reporter

Ah, freshman year. The year to try and make a good (or bad) first impression on  your fellow classmates and teachers. But even if you are in the band or on a sports team, joining a new club or just doing your own thing, there is definitely one thing we can all agree on: high school is stressful!

Not only do we have tons of homework and assignments, but we have to struggle through crowds of people in the halls, run across the school to try and make it to our next class (and still be late), study for an eternity just to pass the next science quiz and on top of that, try to keep our social lives in balance!

It is hard enough being the ‘freshmeat’ of high school, but who knew that we would get all of this stress and struggle, too?!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we understand how hard all of this is and that’s why we are going to help. A few of us freshmen here at the Herald are collaborating together to help you through this tough first year of high school. We are going to write a collection of articles with advice, tips and tricks throughout this school year to help freshmen get through it in one piece.