New bells are chiming, new clocks are shining


Collette LeManske, Reporter

While in an interview, assistant principal Brian Ceriani shared the multiple updates Arapahoe got from a bond that was proposed in 2013. One of the most routine things they put in were new clocks and intercom. The new digital clocks are helpful, but the most important feature is the intercom system and the new announcement system.

These new features allow the front desk to give announcements to every classroom as well as singular classrooms and groups of classrooms. This allows people to be informed about what they need to know without disrupting all of the classrooms.

Another update are the “panic buttons.” When pressed, the front office is alerted and they use the new speaker systems to talk to the class. Once they find out the problem they send appropriate help. Along with being able to send help to classrooms, they can send out an automated announcement that alerts the whole school of the situation. All these new features are necessary to quickly and efficiently keep the school safe.