Presenting the Whole Election: Colin Powell Comments

Presenting the Whole Election: Colin Powell Comments

Nathan Holmes, Author

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with either political party

The 2016 election is probably the most interesting one since 2000, when George W. Bush barely defeated Albert Gore. Because of how interesting it is, many news sites cover it. At the same time, most of them present the information in one candidates favor. They never present all of the information, which is my goal. This column is aimed at informing the public about both candidates, pros and cons, to better help the public know which candidate to vote for.

Recently, Russia has hacked into some of former secretary of state and retired four-star general Colin Powell’s emails, and released some emails that contained comments pertaining to both Hillary and Trump.


Most people only have heard his comment saying that Trump is a “national disgrace,” and “is in the process of destroying himself,”

“Trump is in the process of destroying himself

— Colin Powell

but he also claimed “Everything [Hillary Clinton] touches she kind of screws up.” He is apparently a fan of neither of them.

“Everything [Hillary Clinton] touches she kind of screws up.”

— Colin Powell

On another more recent note, Hillary Clinton exited a 9/11 ceremony early, and was caught stumbling into her car, leading to a statement from her doctor claiming that she had pneumonia. She recently returned, but this only further confirms that Hillary has had health issues, which could hurt her in this tight race. Trump has not had physical/mental problems that we know of; but new things are released every day, so stay posted, and be ready for the next issue of Presenting the Whole Election.