3 Phones Other than Apple and Galaxy

3 Phones Other than Apple and Galaxy

Walter Wacaser, Reporter

Apple and Samsung both dominate the cellphone market with expensive smartphones, but many people do not realize what they are missing by constricting themselves to only purchasing iPhones and Galaxy devices. Here are three cheaper and amazing phones that deserve recognition in the cell phone industry.


From motorola.com

Motorola Moto X

With high customization and many features such as being water resistant and its 4k video capture, the Moto X is my personal favorite on this list. This work of art can charge it’s 15 hour long battery life in only fifteen minutes. It has many simple and quick interface controls, like being able to open the camera application with a flick of your wrist. You can also customize your Moto X online with many different colors and textures. Overall, it is a really solid smartphone, and definitely can compete to the iPhone.

From BlackBerry.com

BlackBerry PRIV

If you hate typing on a virtual keyboard, you’ll love the BlackBerry PRIV. The phone keeps the classic blackberry keyboard. It slides right out from the bottom of the phone, ready for use. The smartphone runs Android’s Marshmallow OS, and it can run for an outstanding 22.5 hours before it needs to be charged. It may not be the best for snapchatting and instagramming your friends, but it generally cheap and can get business done.


Fairphone 2
The Fairphones 2 markets itself as the“The world’s first ethical, modular smartphone”. And to be
FAIR, it is a really great phone. Fairphone is sourcing conflict-free materials, and builds their phones in factories that pay livable wages. The smartphone is modular, allowing you to replace individual parts of the phone when they break, instead of buying a whole new phone. This is a great phone for people who don’t want to drop 600 dollars for a smartphone that will last them only a year.