Why Siemian’s Injury isn’t a Bad Thing


Chase Meili, Spear Contributor


Throughout the first three games of Trevor Siemian’s career, he totaled nearly 800 yards passing and  five touchdowns to only three interceptions.  Along the way, he had won all three of his games, including Defeating two number one overall picks in the draft in Cam Newton and Andrew Luck.  Siemian has looked poised and proven that he belongs in the NFL.  This is remarkable knowing that he had a lackluster college career at Northwestern and almost quit football for a pursue of real estate.  

Out of nowhere the tides changed in week four versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Siemian was pummeled multiple times. The last by defensive end, Clinton McDonald, who drove Siemian’s left shoulder into the ground. This was an immediate concern to the Broncos who carted Trevor off to the locker room.  At the time, this seemed like a devastating loss for the Broncos and was speculated to be a broken collarbone.  This’s would have removed Siemian for a minimum of eight weeks.  With two minutes left in the first half, rookie Paxton Lynch made his debut in the NFL.  Lynch shined as he had 170 passing yards along with his first career touchdown pass to Emmanuel Sanders in the fourth quarter.  Lynch was the first round pick for the Broncos and is expected to be the Quarterback of the future.  

In my opinion, the injury to Trevor Siemian isn’t a bad thing.  If Trevor isn’t able to play this coming Sunday or next Thursday, Lynch would get his first career start.  Sunday would be a great opportunity for a first start versus a weak Falcons defense.  It would give the coaching staff a great look at Lynch to know where he stands as far as development and knowledge of the system.  Also, if Lynch were to play above coaches expectations it could shake up the quarterback conversation when Siemian is back to being healthy. Not to mention, Siemian would be able to rest his shoulder for an extended period of time.  Playing through injury could risk Siemian triggering his injury and ending his season short.

Although, head coach Gary Kubiak stated that Siemian will be his starter if healthy enough to play, Paxton Lynch is an intriguing young quarterback and it is unknown what he would be able to do when he plays a full game. It will be an interesting decision for the Broncos make regarding their quarterbacks before Sunday’s game.  Go Broncos!