Varsity Football Preview: Arapahoe HS @Overland HS

Rees LaBree, Spear Contributor

Arapahoe’s homecoming game against Fairview left most fans leaving at halftime saying, “Yikes”. Fairview, who went into the game 4-0 dominated all defensive play against the Arapahoe offense, and poked holes in the Arapahoe defense left and right. Winning that game 48-7, they improved their record to 5-0 and moved up the chain to be ranked 10th in state, while Arapahoe dropped to 43rd.

This Thursday, the Warriors football team will be facing off against Overland at the Stutler Bowl, and it doesn’t look like we will see a repeat of the game against Fairview. Overland (0-5) is 135th in the state and doesn’t have much of a defense. Arapahoe’s defense also isn’t a thing of beauty. As our defense wears out against Overland’s offense we are probably looking at a high scoring game.

Offensively, this game will be good for the warriors. Connor Desch has an accurate throwing arm, but his weakness is a fast defense. As long as Arapahoe can keep Desch in the pocket long enough to find a strong outlet, we should see many first downs and keep the ball in their possession long enough to create points. Also, Overland’s defense is most effective against stopping running plays, so it is most understandable that Arapahoe will be working the passing game.

In the week following the loss against Fairview, the Arapahoe football team has probably worked on many of their problems that have been revealed in the previous games, and may go into the game more awake and ready to play than they were against Fairview. At the end of the day, Arapahoe is projected to take the win against Overland, but it won’t be easy.

The game will be at 7:00pm at The Stutler Bowl. The SPEAR will be broadcasting the event through NFHS Network.