Peacock flairs her artistic feathers

Henry Kline, Reporter



Art is something that has been debated for years, but what does it mean? What does it look like? Who is qualified to create art? Junior Ivey Peacock has the answers.


H: So Ivey, I understand you are quite the artist and are planning on completing an independent study for the art department, can you tell me more about that?

I: So I just finished this jacket I was working on and it is pretty sick. I got all the fabric at Goodwill, and my focus is being extremely tacky and like I want it to feel like it came out of your hick brother’s duck hunting cabin, so that’s kind of the theme.


H: And how did you come upon this as your theme?

I: I am obsessed with tacky things. I love when things are cheesy and gross, and ironic and I think it’s great. Except crocs, crocs suck.


H: Hold up now, crocs are a once in a generation fashion statement, what is not to love?

I: Because they aren’t even ironically cool or funny! Like for example men’s short shorts are back in style and that is kinda funny but still original and cool. I just think crocs are way too ugly and never were cool so you can’t even bring them back ironically.


H: Dang, no love for the crocs. Is that all your doing for your project?

I: No, so the focus is on fashion design so I’m working on an embroidery of duck that’s pretty badass, it’s got talons; and then I’m going to start a hoop dress with weaving and stuff.


H: Outside of ducks and all, what would you say is unique about your works?

I: I like irony, and I like doing things that are kind of cheesy or that people would be like “that’s kind of stupid” cause I don’t really care. Also, weird proportions and ugly people. Definitely both of those.


H: Would you say there is a message behind your independent study works?

I: A lot of high fashion is about luxury and about how rich are you and how nice can you get, and stupid materialistic crap like that. But my design is still high fashion and weird but the content  and the way it is literally made of duck sheets says to me that all that stuff is dumb and doesn’t matter.


H: So would you say you have a specific muse outside of clothing?

I: Well, I like people and trees, and you know I like ducks. I do this thing called zen tangle when you mix patterns together, they are like doodles but they come together very nice. I like to draw  cartoons too, they are good.

It’s not art if it doesn’t make you uncomfortable.

— Ivey Peacock

H: If you had just three words to describe your art what would they be?

I: Uncomfortable, Colorful, Scrappy


H: Scrappy? What does that mean?

I: Hmmm, I guess content wise it’s just pretty scrappy and slouchy. Like if bleh (the noise) was a thing in art, that would be how I’d describe it.


H: And uncomfortable I presume in the good sense?

I: Oh of course, it’s not art if it doesn’t make you uncomfortable.


H: When did you discover you had such a knack for art?

I: Well, my brother and my dad are both very artistic and good at drawing. But I don’t really think it was necessarily their influence, I just really liked to draw when I was little. In middle school I took this art class, and then I just took like a lot of art classes and did art like all the time. I go to this studio in Lafayette called particulars, which is outside of Boulder and really cool.


H: Favorite Artist?

I: I really like Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, who else is there, Keith Haring, definitely Banksy. These artists inspire me in some ways, like as in the messages your art portrays. The idea of being yourself mostly. Oh also, Tyler the Creator, he’s this total whackjob rapper but does like a lot of stuff, super funny.


H: So you are pretty multitalented, do you rap also?:

I: Yes! You know I rap boy, you want to hear some? Here’s one I have: Life so hard give me feels, trying to survive call by Bear Grylls.


Both: *cackling*