What’s the deal Snapchat?

Syrand Braakman, Social Media Manager

Snapchat is an app that has really grown on the hordes of people that have came to use it since it was released back in 2011. Looking back, the app has probably changed for the better by adding a multitude of features that keep users coming back just to advance their streak by a single digit everyday. A feature that has been met with a variety  of reactions is the addition of the discover section making various social media outlets and stories from around the world available.

This feature has really taken Snapchat to the next level, making it a port for social media outlets to post articles, pictures, and really anything when it comes down to it. Personally I found it quite entertaining regardless of the fact that there weren’t any specific outlets that were appealing to me. But as time went on, I had completely reversed my opinions and have come to despise the articles that live just a swipe to the right on the Snapchat app.

I have seen more than my share of what is presented on Snapchat as click bait. The click bait crowds the app with titles that all seemingly suggest something sexual or flat out too good to be true news article. The worst part is how common and repetitive it can all be as well as making me overwhelmed and just disappointed whenever I make the hesitant decision to tap on another rectangle that reads, “Kim Kardashian goes crazy.”

With that Snapchat has taken it to another level of repetitiveness when talking about Kim Kardashian. Snapchat has become a friend that will not be silenced when talking about their crush which in this case happens to be the Kardashian. The majority of the time these articles detail just “how ridiculous” this outfit looks on her. Meanwhile, most of the time, the objective shared by the articles point to her in a negative and quite demeaning sense that calls her floozy every time for generally whatever she does. These article really can beg the question, who actually cares about what kim wears and how much of a bimbo you think she is.

As you can probably tell a lot of articles on Snapchat are heavily biased beyond constantly talking about Kim K’s butt. I’m talking about a general self promotion that has taken place that acts very pro-Apple, pro-Snapchat, and pro-Mainstream. I can see the idea behind the pro-Snapchat and even pro-mainstream focus on Snapchat but their bias towards Apple among other companies is something that both makes the least sense and at the same time seems like a brainwash. As if the people down at the Snaphat headquarters are just living it up, soaking in their own glory and along with it making ad revenue all while sudeley influencing their users to make decisions that are completely irrelevant to Snapchat but for some reason need to be.