Debate: Should Arapahoe Have More PLC Days?


It’s a major debate often heard in the AHS halls. Should we have more PLC days? We asked a few people around the school for their input and responded with our own…. 


Zach Woodward: They were supposed to stop PLC days a few years ago but they continued to do it. Yeah, we’re thankful for the PLC days got.

Zach, you make a good point. But things have changed. The variables are different. Don’t we have more homework than students did a few years ago? Our athletics have improved and our arts have toughened, all of which are more intense. So don’t we deserve having more time off, thanks to all of our hard-work?

From an anonymous parent: “The amount is just right. It gives enough sleep to students, and no more is needed.

I respect your opinion anonymous parent but… ‘enough sleep’ can be argued for either part. Teenagers need at least 9 hours a night. Most students, get an average of 7-7 ½ hours of sleep, which clearly isn’t enough for students’ brains to recharge.



Mr. Anderson: “I have to be here at 7 o’clock anyway, so I don’t care. I think we should do a reverse plc day where students come here at 7 and teachers get to sleep in.”

It is understandable that it appears to be unfair to teachers that they do not get the privilege to sleep in, however, you are not only being paid to be there early, but you are also showing adolescents that life will offer beneficial privileges to others but not to you.  



McKenna Grigsby: “I think everyday should be a PLC Day.”

We couldn’t agree more McKenna. However, in terms of learning, a lot of education will be missed. You might not miss that now, but we promise you will in the future.

Scott Mountz : “Sleeping soothes the soul.”

True dat. The main concern is the earliness of every school day. It’s a debate that’s been going on for ages. After all, it’s been shown countless times that students struggle with learning in the morning, as they are not able to rach ‘full’ creativity or ‘full’ potential. But in the end, sleep is like every teenager’s favorite thing.

Patrick: There should be more. I love them. It gives me a chance to release stress.

Fantastically put. High school is FULL of stress ,in fact, it wouldn’t be high school without it. I mean, there’s social issues, drama, grades, athletics, arts, and on top of it all, there’s the future. That’s stressful by itself alone.  Through all of this, we need to rest our minds and our souls. We need more sleep!



  • Coffee. It’s good in moderation. And with a Starbucks across the street, you can surely find all of your caffeine needs. An iced coffee with milk and flavored syrup is only $2.
  • Set lots of alarms. IPhone’s annoying sounds can be your friend.
  • Give yourself a reason to get up. Is your friend bringing donuts? Do you have a fun activity or party or something after school?
  • Plan your outfit  and make your lunch (if you’re bringing one) the night before. This can decrease your getting ready time immensely.
  • Tough it out. The weekend is soon. I promise.