David Ortiz says Goodbye to Baseball


Chase Meili, Spear Contributor


This past Monday, the Red Sox were eliminated in the playoffs by the Cleveland Indians.  It was the end of the season for the Red Sox but the end of a career for one Boston legend, David Ortiz.  Ortiz, hung up the cleats after spending nearly two decades on the diamond.  He is one of the greatest to ever play the game. Many accolades later, Ortiz looks back on a marvelous career.

David didn’t start his career like you would have thought because of what he has accomplished. David Ortiz started his career with the Minnesota Twins. Ortiz never became a full-time starter and never hit more than 20 home-runs in a single season. His performance level was irrelevant and thought to be nothing more than a role player.  His defense was shaky and he hadn’t developed as a power hitter.  After the 2002 season, Terry Ryan and the Twins decided to part ways with the slugger. Ortiz was never believed to have the abilities to be a lasting figure in the game.  But one man by the name of Theo Epstein, who is currently the mastermind of the Chicago Cubs, leading them into the playoffs, believed in Ortiz. David signed a contract with the Red Sox and the rest is history. Three-time World Series Champ, ten-time all-star, and being regarded as clutches hitter to play the game. Ortiz was a legend in the state of Massachusetts.  He totaled 541 home-runs and nearly 2,500 hits. These are both currently records among Designated Hitters in the history of baseball. But how did this happen? His career took a complete 180 when signing with the Red Sox. Throughout sports history, many athletes have thrived when placed in the right situations.  Skill might not of ever been a factor but instead the atmosphere he was a part of. Whatever happened when Ortiz arrive in Boston, it sure worked as he grew into one of the greats.

As Ortiz aged his ability never faded.  Having arguably one of the best seasons of his career in his farewell season.  David was also a model of consistency as he only had one season with the Red Sox where he played under 100 games. He was a leader and a team player. He had a chip on his shoulder and confidence in himself. All this was because of one single man who had faith in David Ortiz’s talent that completely changed the history of the game and the career of a legend.

Ortiz’s legacy has been established and will continue to live on as David moves to a new chapter in his life. From being the hero with a walk-off home run in game four of the 2004 ALDS to a moving and remarkable speech given after the Boston Marathon bombing, Ortiz was a true model for any aspiring ball player. His presence will be missed but his effect on the game will live on.