2 Must Reads for October


Taylor Jaeger, Spear Reporter

As a reader, I love to recommend books to people. So here I am to do that for you again. Here are two of my favorite books.

suspicionweb-Suspicion by Alexandra Monir

Suspicion is a single book that involves real life with fairytale and has many twists that could shock even the most adamant reader. here is a brief summary: Imogen Rockford will never forget the last words her father ever said to her before the fire consumed him, along with her mother and the gardens of her family’s English estate. ‘There’s something hidden in the maze.’ For seven years Imogen’s dreams would be haunted by the memory of her parent’s death. After leaving the estate she moved into a home with her new guardians in New York City, but after a life-altering letter she gets sent back to the estate, She soon learns that there’s more going inside the walls of her once favorite place than she could ever begin to think, Follow Imogen as she discovers the truth of her estate.

-The Trylle Series by Amanda Hocking switched-book-1web

The Trylle novels consist of three books. It is a fantasy series that many would love. It includes an amazing main character and an intriguing world for you to discover. Here is a brief Summary of the series:  At six years old Wendy’s mother was convinced that she was a monster and tried to kill her, and after eleven years Wendy realizes that she might have been right. She isn’t the person she thought she was, not even close. Her life begins to unravel after she meets Finn Holmes. Finn Holmes is a perplexing boy that always seems to have his eyes on her, every encounter that she has with him leaves her deeply shaken, but that is more because of her attraction to him than most else. After him being in her life for a period of time he reveals the truth, she is a changeling who was switched at birth, and he’s here to finally take her home. Follow Wendy as she travels to a world that she never knew existed, one that is alluring and terrifying all at once, and as she discovers a life that she never knew she was meant to have, and a family she doesn’t know that she wants.

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I did