The Light Between Oceans Movie Review


Lauren David, Reporter

The movie The Light Between Oceans took me by surprise, for this was by far one of the most touching and emotional movies I have ever seen. It is based off the book written by M. L. Stedman, though I have yet to read and compare the movie to the book, they both follow the same plotline. The story follows the lives of Tom, a World War I veteran, and his wife Isabel, who are living together on an island almost one hundred miles off the coast of Australia. As time passes and losses are made, a desperate Isabel has her wish for a child answered when a rowboat washes along the shore of the island with a dead man and a crying infant inside. Isabel then persuades Tom not to report the findings and keep the girl as their own daughter. Trouble soon arises when they find the baby’s true biological mother on mainland. With so many dramatic changes of events, it will leave viewers with heart-wrenching emotions. The movie itself was engulfed in stunning scenery of the island, breathtaking views of the ocean and a quaint village along the shores of Australia. Of course, this movie isn’t for everyone, but I would definitely recommend this movie to all who are looking for a new perspective of life and the effects of after World War I, but also wanting a story that is unpredictable that will the viewer with a whirlwind of emotions.