“Flash” Recap and Review


Charley Trask, Spear Reporter

The “Flash”
As of October 5th, The “Flash” Season 3 has recently hit and it’s back and better than ever. But before you watch season three I am going to give a quick recap to season 1 and season 2 and giving a review. The first part will be the spoiler free review.

The Flash is based on DC comics “Flash” and is a spin-off series of Arrow. The show is about Barry Allen (Grant Gustin). After his mother is tragically murdered when he is 11 and his father is wrongly convicted we cut to present time where Barry is a CSI for the police of Central City. After getting struck by lightning he wakes up nine months later from a coma to find he now has powers like super speed.

The “Flash” is a well-developed show with great actors, an interesting plot that has many twists and turns, and lots of funny moments. I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes lots of action or drama shows. It also has great music that perfectly fit in with the show. This became one of my favorite shows quite fast (no pun intended) and found myself loving all the characters. If you watch Arrow then you should definitely start watching “Flash” if you haven’t already. As the third season has just started and season 2 is now on Netflix. It is the perfect time to start. I am going to give it an A. One of the higher rated reviews because of how good it is. The show is great and it isn’t too late to start.
Spoiler Warning for the first two seasons of The “Flash”
Leave now if you haven’t seen them or if you don’t care and want to jump right into season 3 keep reading.
You’ve been warned.

After watching his mother’s (Michelle Harrison) supernatural murder and his father’s (John Wesley Shipp) wrongful conviction for the crime, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) is taken in by Detective Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) and his daughter Iris (Candice Patton). Allen becomes a brilliant but socially awkward CSI for the Central City Police Department. His obsession with his tragic past causes him to become awkward among his peers mostly Joe and Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett). He investigates cold cases, paranormal occurrences, and cutting-edge scientific advancements that may shed light on his mother’s murder.

No one believes his description of the crime. That a ball of lightning with the face of a man invaded their home that night and Barry is fiercely driven to prove himself right and to clear his father’s name. Fourteen years after his mother’s death, an advanced particle accelerator malfunctions during its public unveiling, covering the city center with a previously unknown form of radiation called dark matter during a severe thunderstorm.

Barry is struck by lightning from the storm and doused with chemicals in his lab. Awakening after a nine-month coma, he discovers he has the ability to move at superhuman speeds. Dr. Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), the disgraced designer of the failed particle accelerator, describes Barry’s special nature as “metahuman”. Barry soon discovers that he is not the only one who was changed by the dark matter.

Barry vows to use his gifts to protect Central City from the escalating violence of metahuman and other criminals. As the “Flash”, a costumed superhero, Barry accumulates a number of enemies known as The Rogues while pursuing the Reverse-Flash (Matt Letscher), who is his mother’s superhuman murderer. He is aided by a few close friends and associates who guard his secrets.

Towards the end of the series, we start to find little clues to who the Reverse-Flash really is. We end up finding out that it was Dr. Harrison Wells who is the man who killed Barry’s Mother. However not everything is as it seems. Eobard Thawne is a man from the future who took over the body of the real Harrison Wells. He also reveals he killed Nora because of hating the former “Flash” from the future, whose self saved his childhood self. Eobard requests Barry to help create a wormhole where Eobard can return to his time, while also allowing Barry to save Nora.

Barry decides to go through with Reverse-Flash’s offer. Reverse-Flash states that Barry will have only a short time, or else the wormhole will become a black hole. Barry travels back in time, but his future self-signals him not to save Nora. The present Barry returns and stops Eobard from returning to his time. The two fight, while the team shuts down the wormhole. Eobard is winning, but before he can kill Barry, Eddie shoots himself, causing Reverse-Flash existence to cease because Eddie Thawne is the ancestor of the Reverse-Flash or Eobard Thawne. The wormhole reappears, and the team is unable to prevent it from becoming a black hole. As the black hole begins to tear the city apart, pulling Eddie’s body inside, and a helmet comes out, Barry speeds into it in an effort to stop it.

This concludes season 1 of The “Flash”
Season 2 Starts now
After successfully closing the Singularity from destroying Central City, Barry thinks he’s seen the worst but when Harrison Wells’ lawyer comes by with his will about letting his father go Henry Allen is released. All seems to be well but the arrival of Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears) reveals that the Singularity actually opened portals to an alternate Earth, known as Earth-2, which is being terrorized by a formidable evil speedster named Zoom.

As Zoom sends an army of Earth-Two meta-humans to Earth-1 to defeat Barry, he receives unexpected assistance from the Earth-Two doppelganger of his former mentor, Harrison Wells. Meanwhile, Cisco discovers that he, too, was affected by the dark matter of the Particle Accelerator and must come to terms with his newfound powers.

As Barry struggles to juggle life as a hero, he opens his heart to Patty Spivot (Shantel VanSanten), a spunky detective paired with Joe West, but realizes just how hard it is to find happiness when the lives of everyone you love are at stake. He finds some solace in the companionship of his father, Henry Allen, who was freed from a wrongful life sentence… but when Zoom kills Henry before Barry’s eyes, Barry’s newfound stability is shattered.

Blinded by anger, Barry unwittingly plays into Zoom’s game and uncovers the evil speedster’s true goal: to destroy all Earths in the multiverse. In the race of his life, Barry ultimately gets the upper hand against Zoom and defeats his nemesis. But unable to celebrate the victory, Barry makes a world-shaking decision and speeds back in time to the night his mother died to stop Reverse Flash from killing her, irrevocably changing his past and redetermining his future.
Season 2 Ends

If you made it this far I would recommend to re-watch the first to seasons or jump right into season 3. However, a big part of season 3 is that a lot of characters have changed personalities because of the event at the end of season 2. You can watch from your mobile devices from their app CW or watch online at CW which is the TV program it is on.