4 TV Shows to Watch This Fall


Credit: makamuki0 (Pixabay)

Nathan Holmes, Author

Fall has begun, and new seasons of every TV show are starting to roll out, and some new ones begin. Many of these are surprisingly GOOD, and the first happens to be “The GOOD Place.” “The Good Place” is all about heaven. Eleanor Shellstrop (Kirsten Bell) just arrived there, and she can’t believe it. She believes that she was not worthy, and someone rich must have paid to get her there. This comedy makes people laugh when Eleanor tries to curse, to no avail, and ends up saying words like “fork,” “beach,” and “shirt.”

The second show I believe wins the award for #1 new drama. “Designated Survivor” follows Tom Kirkman (Kiefer Sutherland), a lower-level cabinet member, who was watching the State of the Union from an undisclosed location, when the feed cut, and he was rushed to the White House. The capitol was attacked, and everyone died, making Tom the new President of the United States. He is pressured to make important decisions, and you will have to watch to see what he decides.

“Timeless” is a time-travel show. An evil mastermind just stole a time machine, and a historian, tech geek, and a war veteran are sent to stop him. They do their best to stop the man from changing history, which would alter reality, and save the world from his clutches. Just how much they can keep the same is available to the watcher.

“Pitch” ends the list, centralizing around baseball. Ginny Baker (Kylie Bunbury) is a teen girl with aspirations to pitch in the MLB. She works hard nonstop, and with the support of most people around her, she may make it. Only watchers will know.

Yahoo View is a free service with updated shows, and new episodes enter Yahoo View just days after they are on TV.”

— Nathan Holmes

Now that you know what shows to watch, you are probably wondering where to watch all of these shows. These are all on broadcast TV, at their respective times of the week, but an alternative is Yahoo View. Yahoo View is a free service with updated shows, and new episodes enter Yahoo View just days after they are on TV. There are commercials, but they are sporadic and short (it’s free, what do you expect). More of this selection can be found on Hulu, where Yahoo gets its content.