Arapahoe Field Hockey Channels its Inner Rihanna and Shines Bright Like a Diamond in Win Over Fossil Ridge


Clayton Cain, Spear Contributer

The laws of physics state that the coefficient of static friction is higher than the coefficient of kinetic friction. That means that it requires more energy to start an object in motion than it does to keep that same object moving at the same speed. Arapahoe high school’s field hockey team has had a rough start in its first season, but on Monday October 17 , Arapahoe Field Hockey took the first and most important step in cementing a legacy, winning their first game against Fossil Ridge 1-0. The team finally applied enough force to over take the coefficient of static friction. The burst of energy was provided in the second half by Junior, Lizzie Pierpont (8). After the game Lizzie commented on the feeling of winning the sports first ever game saying, “It is such an awesome feeling, knowing that you contributed to the making of a team.” Senior Captians, Emily Armstrong (5) and Stella Bispham (7), talked about being overcome with emotion after winning on Monday, both were responsible, along with other players, for the creation of Arapahoe Field Hockey. The team’s next game is Thursday October 20 at Newton middle school. There is an effervescently bright future for Arapahoe Field Hockey. If you don’t believe me, ask physics.