Boo’s Clues: Dak Attack in Dallas


Reid Conant, Columnist

Dak Prescott is the real deal in Dallas. The Dallas Cowboys are in the lead of the NFC East with a 5-1 record which is in large part because of the 2 rookie additions on the Cowboy offense. Going into the season, who would you say are the 2 stars for the Cowboys? Dez Bryant and Tony Romo come to my mind first. Now with the injuries to both of them the production on offense has come from the 2 exceptional rookies. Right now the big question is, should Dak Prescott be the starter even when Tony Romo is healthy. In my opinion, Coach Jason Garrett has an easy decision just based on the fact that his team is 5-1 with Prescott. Prescott impressed in the preseason and when Romo got hurt, he quickly burst on to the scene and his composure and athleticism has earned him the starting job. One key stat why Dak should start, Prescott’s 84.7 Total QBR this season ranks second-best among all quarterbacks, trailing only Atlanta’s Matt Ryan. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it Jerry.

Dak broke Tom Brady’s record for most pass attempts without out an interception to start a career by one pass attempt this last sunday. Now I’m not comparing him to Tom Brady but Prescott is a very talented QB and has earned his right to say that he deserves to be the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Another big reason why the Cowboys are in sole position of the NFC East is the play of 4th overall pick from Ohio State, Ezekiel Elliott. With one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, “Zeke” looks like a younger DeMarco Murray from 2 years ago. The offensive line is very good at run blocking but also they have protected their rookie QB so that he can be comfortable in the pocket and make the right decisions. You can’t say enough about how much this offensive line has helped the 2 rookies but the credit deserves to go to Prescott and Elliott because they both are very talented and have proven through the first 6 weeks that they deserve to be stars in the NFL. This has to be exciting for Cowboy fans because Prescott is clearly the future while Tony Romo has been injured way too often and both stars in the making are under 23 years of age. I’m not going to say they are the next Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith but they sure could be on their way to being like the 1990s Cowboys. Owner and General Manager Jerry Jones has built this team very similarly though. “Zeke” is a tough downhill runner like Emmitt, Aikman was a better passer but Prescott has shown that he has the capability of being one of the best QBs in the NFL down the road. And don’t forget that the Cowboys will look to get Dez Bryant back on the field soon and his play style is very similar to Michael Irvin. This new Dallas Cowboy offense looks awfully familiar in my mind. Can Jerry Jones do it again is the real question. I guess we will see but the future is bright in Dallas, Jerry just start Dak because he could lead you to another Super Bowl.