Who Will Win Round Three?


Rory O'Donnell, Herald Reporter

The third presidential debate is Oct. 19th, 2016. This is the last chance Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton can debate each other in order to sway voters in their favor. I think Hillary won the first debate, and Trump won the second debate, so now they are evenly matched. In my opinion the question now is, who will win tonight’s final and last debate? It all depends on how Trump and Clinton do tonight.


Trump will win the debate if he can stay focused, have high energy, and can focus on his plans to help the nation. Trump also needs to be ready to answer questions to where the audience does not have a hard time understanding his point. He can also win the debate if he pressures Clinton repeatedly with the email scandal, and the new documents about Clinton that were released by Wikileaks. If Trump pummels her with the issues and the Clinton scandals tonight, he can not look like a bully because, even if he is right about what he is saying but looks like a bully, it will not matter what Trump says or does. This is because people can not stand bullies. He will lose the debate period if he acts like a pest or oppresses Clinton repeatedly.


Clinton will win tonight´s debate if she has energy, is on the offensive, pressures Trump about the sexual assault scandal and stays focused on her plans on how to help America succeed. Clinton will also win the debate if she can provide a good defense about the email scandal and other issues that might make her look bad. If she can do this, than she can overcome Trump. If Clinton does not provide a good defense and gets agitated very easily by Trump, than I believe she will lose the debate and will give Trump a better advantage in the polls.


If Trump and Clinton do what I think they need to do then it could tip the scales dramatically because this is what voters look at. If Trump and Clinton do not do well than it will change the game as well. Lots of undecided voters are looking at tonight’s debate as a deciding factor for who to vote for this election. The course of history depends on them during tonight’s debate. Who will it be? Trump or Clinton for the next four years? This debate could be the tipping point for either of the candidates to charge ahead in this election, but in the end, it is up to the voters who use their voices to choose the next president of the United States.