After Two Losses, Not Time to Panic on the Broncos

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Hayden Peirce, Copy Editor

Attention Bronco fans: it is not time to panic yet. After two losses, the Broncos might seem as though they are in a free fall. Admittedly, no team wants to have lost two in a row (or in the case of the Cleveland Browns, six in a row.) While it might have seemed like our team was doomed during each of the two losses, it is not. There were simply a few minor mistakes that, when coupled together, gave the appearance of a much larger problem.

During the Falcons game, the defense performed well. The statistics do not reflect their play. Yes the defense allowed their first 100-yard receiver of the year in Julio Jones, however they did also hold the league’s highest scoring offense to 23 points, when the Falcons were averaging over 30 points per game prior to facing the Broncos. Defensive play is not an area of concern; holding Atlanta to 23 points should have made this a winnable game. The loss came from the play of the offensive line. Do not fault the entire offense here. For one, Trevor Siemian had an injured shoulder and did not play, which meant that Paxton Lynch had to take over as starter. Lynch has the athletic ability of a starter, but it became obvious in the loss that he still needed to develop pocket awareness and his ability to read defenses. There were far too many forced throws and unnecessary sacks, though the sacks were as much the o-line’s fault as they were Lynch’s. The running game could not get off the ground, again due to the poor blocking of the offensive line.


The Chargers game should have been different. Trevor Siemian was back, the line should have played better with the return of Donald Stephenson, the game was in San Diego where Bronco fans tend to travel well to. Gary Kubiak was hospitalized with a “complex migraine condition,” according to the team’s website, forcing Joe DeCamillis, the special teams coordinator for the Broncs, to take over as the interim head coach while Kubiak recovered. DeCamillis performed well in his first coaching start, calling several clutch plays on special teams throughout the game including a recovered onside kick. However, it was obvious from the conservative play calling in the first half that the team, especially the offense, was missing Kubiak a little bit. The coaching was not the reason for the loss though. Like in the Falcons game, the offensive line played horribly, despite the return of Donald Stephenson (who suffered a concussion later in the game.) They generated over 100 yards in holding penalties alone and could not protect Trevor Siemian, who was playing with a still-sore AC joint in his return. San Diego also dominated the time of possession, giving the offense little opportunity to prove itself on the field. Still, the defense did its job. Holding the Chargers to 21 points should have made this a winnable game.


Tonight, against the Texans and ex-quarterback Brent… excuse me, Brock Osweiler, the offense will have another chance to prove itself. The Texans defense is currently ranked 29th in the league against the run, which should give the Broncos a chance to get the running game going again and aid Trevor Siemian. The defense will undoubtedly turn up the heat on Brock Osweiler, especially when linebacker Brandon Marshall was quoted as saying the defense “wants to kill him.” Look for the Broncos to get back on track tonight against a Texans team who has thus far struggled to both produce on offense and defend the run.