Another Victory for ABK

Zachariah Woodward, Another Victory for ABK

As the warriors come onto the field, they show that they are not afraid to give their all against Aurora Central. Whether the opposing team has the audacity or the courtesy to say something rude about our teams in different sports, then they don’t know how powerful our true team spirit is. During the first half they score within the first 5 minutes of the game. Then nearing the 30 minute mark, they hit an excellent goal with our amazing offense. After the first half Aurora makes a stunning shot with their striker. But nearing the end, one of their teammates was injured and was benched. But after the long predicament, we soon continued the game with scoring another goal against Aurora Central having a two point lead. Then after the game the final score was 3-1 Arapahoe High School. This just goes to show that our teams practice hard and train for days like this. And this is our Arapahoe Varsity Soccer team. Now they will continue to the next round of the playoffs.