DIY Halloween Costumes!

DIY Halloween Costumes!

Halloween is such a fun time of year. When fall leaves dance across the pavement and the aroma of a pumpkin spice latte flickers into your nostrils. All is calm and well. UNTIL… You remember Halloween is on Monday. While you might not be going trick-or-treating, there’s no reason to not dress up! Costumes are a blast, and can even earn you a $3 meal at Chipotle on Monday (from 3pm to close)!

Groups Costumes: 

7 Dwarves

  • Sleepy – Teal/blue nightcap, long white beard, brown robe, dark brown pants, slippers (could match with the robe, but if you can’t find it in the same color, any color would do ok), big nose
  • Sneezy – Yellowish orangish nightcap, brown robe, dark brown pants, slippers, black belt, big nose
  • Dopey – Purple nightcap, long green robe, tan slippers, big ears, black belt
  • Grumpy – Brown nightcap, red robe, dark brown pants, slippers, long beard, big nose (don’t forget to frown! 🙂 )
  • Bashful – Light blue nightcap, tan robe, dark brown pants, slippers, medium beard, black belt, big nose
  • Doc – Old yellow nightcap, orange robe, brown pants, slippers, short beard, black belt, circular small glasses, big nose
  • Happy – Tan nightcap, brown vest, black belt, light blue pants, slippers, gold shirt (goes underneath the vest), small beard (don’t forget to smile!)

Bee Squad

  • Queen Bee – (one of your friends are the queen bee) golden grown (antennas on the top), black and yellow striped shirt with yellow pants and black shoes, transparent wings
  • Bees – (the rest of the group) black and yellow striped shirt with yellow pants and black shoes, transparent wings, antennas

Candy Rappers

  • Wear sunglasses, a sweatshirt, and black pants. Complete the look with taped on candy wrappers!

Candy Bars

  • Have each individual pick out a certain candy and pick out a colored shirt that matches the background of the candy bar
    • Example : Kit Kat -> red t-shirt
  • Then print out or draw on the logo

Pretty Little Liars

  • Wear black dresses
    • Preferably ones that are designed differently


  • Choose one of your friends to be the Pac-man
    • Get a yellow shirt, draw a big V horizontally on it for the mouth and paint/color it in in whatever way you want
  • The rest of the group will be Pac-man ghosts
    • Choose to be either the red, light blue, pink, or orange ghost
    • After you choose one, pick a shirt that matches the ghost you want
    • Cut out white circles on a piece of paper and glue them on the center of the shirt
    • Cut out smaller circles out of a piece of black paper and stick them in the center of the white circles
    • Take some scissors and cut a VVVVVVV type of design on the bottom of the shirt


  • Winter (boots, scarf, jacket, etc), Fall (leaves taped on shirt, boots, etc, Starbucks cup), Summer (shorts, flip flops, tank top, sunglasses), Spring (bright colors, shorts, flower)


  • colorful shirts with M on them, can be drawn on, painted, transferred by transfer paper, etc. Then black shorts.


  • Find reindeer antlers, brown shirt, and wear cardboard sign with reindeer name on it. Rudolph (if included) should have a red nose!


  • Tutus, leggings, and tank tops can make for excellent group costumes. Get a group together and pick out costumes based on the color of your favorite superhero. Superman/Supergirl- red/blue tutu. Flash- red tutu. Hulk- Green tutu. Batman- Black tutu. The list is really endless.

Individual Costumes:

Identity Thief-  all you need is a black outfit with plenty of stick on name tags, all saying different names.

Rosie the Riveter- denim, denim, denim! Wear a denim shirt and jeans. Don’t forget to seal the outfit with the classic red bandana!

Party Animal- Wear any animal ears you have or can get then add some confetti, a party hat, or whatever you can find that’s party related.

Detective- Wear a plain white t-shirt with black pants, then put a long black (or tan) trench coat over the shirt. Get a magnifying glass and a pad and pencil.

Cowgirl/Cowboy- While this is a basic costume, it’s also a classic! It’s pretty self explanatory, jeans, cowboy hat, boots, and a bandana if you really want to ace it!

Starbucks drink- wear a plain white dress. Around your torso, put a ‘band’ of cardboard. Then, merely print out the logo, paste it onto the cardboard, and you’re done!

Chick-Fil-A Cow- Take a white shirt and paint on some black spots. Gather up a pair black pants and if you have it, a cow headband. Finally, add a cardboard sign that reads ‘EaT moRe Chiken’. Make sure some of the letters are backwards to truly add that real flare. We can’t promise anything, but you might be able to score a free thing at Chick Fil A with this costume!

Angel – Wear a plain white dress that reaches to your feet. Get some gold string or rope to tie around the robe. Get a long, thick golden pipe cleaner and shape it in a “O”. Place it on your head. (Optional) Buy little transparent wings and stick them on the back of the dress

Box/Plastic Bag/Ghost- These are the simplest ideas in the book. For a box, you wear a box. For a plastic bag, tape/tie/attach some plastic bags all over your body. Ghost? A sheet with eyeholes is Hollywood quality.

If you do plan to DIY and need cheap items, head over to Goodwill. It may be difficult to find things this late into the month, but it’s always an option.

Remember, clown costumes are NOT permitted at Arapahoe this Halloween. All costumes must also be appropriate and follow the school dress-code.

Need more ideas? Check out these links below: Pinterest offers plenty of diy costume ideas for this upcoming Halloween. Cute, scary, comedic, they got it! – Provides many diy costume ideas – Simply search “diy fast and easy costumes” in the search bar and it will direct you to a page with millions of costume ideas Google Trends offers up a costume trend finder to show what costumes are the most popular in your area. It also has a costume searcher under the title, “Costume Wizard” that allows you enter what you want in a costume and discover ideas!



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