Hallway Hypocrite


Taylor Jaeger, Spear Reporter

In the hallways, I am a hypocrite.

When walking behind someone slow I complain about it, but when I’m walking slow I think ‘I can only walk as fast as the person in front of me.’

When people run into me in the hallway I get upset, when I do it I’m still upset, but not with myself.

When people huddle in the hallway I get annoyed and shove past them, when it’s me, I get annoyed with the people who shove me.

When walking to class behind slow people I think ‘some of us have places to be’, but when it’s me I walk leisurely.

Walking in the hall, whether it’s to class, lunch, or anywhere else, is stressful. People only think about where they are going and when they need to be there. We see our friends and we immediately need to stop and talk to them, no matter where or who is behind us. We get mad when people get in our way or when others walk at the pace of a snail, but sometimes we don’t acknowledge when we do these things ourselves.

Hallways are supposed to get us from one place to another, not upset us to the point we get mad.

Take this as a message to everyone, when walking in the hallway, just walk. Don’t clump together with your friends, try not to run into other people, try not to walk slowly, although I know that sometimes you can’t help it.

If you are going to take anything from this, it’s to just walk efficiently, not slowly or in a blob that takes up the entire hallway.

Don’t stand in front of lockers so that people can’t get to theirs. Don’t stand in blobs in the cafeteria so that people can’t get through.

So please, from one student to another, just walk.