How Caffeine affects students


Walter Wacaser, Reporter

During lunch, many students guzzle down numerous energy drinks. However,  most do not realize how much this can affect their bodies and how they perform during school.

Take, for example, a 16 fluid ounce Monster Energy Drink. It has 140 milligrams of caffeine. This is a very high amount, almost three times the caffeine level of an average cup of coffee.  Drinking a Monster can induce insomnia, bodily tremors, anxiety and a shortened attention span.  Drinking two or three Monsters in a short period can even result in cardiac arrest.

While Monster has the highest caffeine levels, it is certainly not the only offender. Drinks such as Rockstar, Redbull, and even regular sodas like Mountain Dew and Pepsi have over 60 milligrams of caffeine. These drinks do not have as much as a Monster drink, but it can still affect a student during school.


Caffeine amounts in:

  • Monster
    • 140 mg (16 fl. oz) – 240 mg (24 fl. oz)
  • Red Bull
    • 80 mg (8.46 fl. oz) – 180 mg (20 fl. oz)
  • Coffee
    • Varies, usually 60-100 mg per cup
  • Mountain Dew
    • 54 mg (12 fl. oz) – 70 mg (16 fl. oz)
  • Arizona Tea
    • 37.5mg (20 fl. oz)