Dear Extroverts

Avi Hathorne, Reporter

Dear Extroverts,

I know that I am quiet. I do not hate you, nor am I necessarily sad or lonely. I am introverted, and I perceive the world from a different angle than you do. To me, social interactions are as draining as running a marathon, so I can only hold a conversation for so long. I can be inexpressive and might start to mumble when pushed beyond my comfort zone, but it does not mean that I am upset; I just need a break. Similarly, if you ever find yourself dominating a conversation, it is probably because I am content to sit back and let people talk. I am still listening, and chances are, I am enjoying myself. I benefit every bit as much from watching a group discussion from the sidelines as I do from being pushed into the center of it, if not more so. For these reasons, I must ask you to be patient with me, even those of you who do not understand. I am not disinterested or angry. I am simply introverted.