How I Ended Up at a Trump Rally


Krista Ramirez, Video Producer

I have and will always be a strong Democrat. In fact, I was always a strong Bernie Sanders supporter from the start. However with 3 days before the end of the election, I felt compelled to attend what might be the last ever Trump Rally. I have no desire for Donald Trump to be my next president but I wanted to see Donald Trump with my own eyes. It was hard for me to comprehend what was actually taking place as I had only seen it on my tv or phone. It almost did not feel real. As I watched the events of the past two weeks unfold, it was almost like watching a reality tv series.

As I entered the rally I expected to encounter the unruly supporters that the media heavily criticizes. However what I found was completely different. They were cordial and friendly. It almost felt like we were not so different after all. I was quickly escorted to the front row by security. I was no one of importance at this rally but I quickly realized that because of my physical disability they wanted me front and center. Even though the crowd was majorly caucasian, the front rows seem to be bursting with diversity. I was definitely out of place.  I almost felt like an undercover agent as I proudly wore one of my Bernie Sanders shirts under my coat. I was offered water and my spot was saved as I got up to explore.

I wanted to know how if these people were so kind-hearted, they still were determined to make such a vile man our next president. “He is not a politician. He’s got a business sense. He thinks outside the box. uhhhh that’s the big one.” Don age 34 explained to me why he thought Trump was right for the job. However, no one wanted to answer the kicker as to how they supported a man who spoke so poorly of women and immigrants.

As Donald Trump entered the arena the feeling of camaraderie quickly faded. As these same people bluntly shouted “Lock Her Up” and “Build that Wall” I became intimidated as I am an immigrant. Although I entered this country legally, I immediately felt like these people evidently did not want me in their country. It was quite the sight to see my friend of Mexican descent join in on their chants. Is this what Trump did to people? It was almost as if Trump had given these people an outlet to unleash their hate.

Trump spoke for a solid half hour. I was convinced that this was not the man I wanted as my next President.