Notable Takeaways of the 2016 Election

Photo by Unsplash,

Olivia Janicek, Spear Contributor

It’s official, the election of 2016 has concluded. So while the elephants and the donkeys subside into their political caves for another four years, controversy still remains. Whether you were dedicated to the potential first woman president, the man promising to bring change, or another it’s easy to see that this year’s election will be one for the books. Yet no matter your political perspective, there’s a lot to take away from the 2016 election.

Number 1: Deep Breaths

So maybe the new president isn’t who you wanted. Don’t worry. Everything isn’t going to erupt in flames. Canada probably won’t be your saving grace. No matter who leads the country, we’re still America. The United States of America. As a citizen, you still have your rights and your views are still valued. We still salute the red, white, and blue. So close your eyes and rest your anxious mind. Everything works out in the end.

No matter who leads the country, we’re still America.

— Olivia Janicek

Number 2: Respect Your Friends 

Political views have torn friendships apart and sometimes even tattered family bonds. It’s key to remember that one’s political position is not everything. If your friend had a differing political view, it’s not the end of the world. Just like you do, your friend had a reason for supporting his/her candidate. So, it’s important to forgive and forget. Don’t let the battle between a donkey and an elephant ruin your relationships.

Number 3: Don’t Spread Hate

You’ve probably noticed the harsh responses to Trump’s election. Hate has spread throughout social media while disruption has flittered in the streets. However, complaining and hissing critical comments will do nothing to better your cause. You have a right to be mad, upset, and worried. If you need to free your manifesting anger, talk to a friend or a family member, there’s no need to spew it out all over the internet. That said, freedom of speech is granted to all. How you use it, is your decision.

Number 4: Think Positive

Even if you despise Trump and America’s path, there are some pleasurable things generated by the 2016 election. Maybe the SNL skits allowed you to laugh away your election fears. And who can forget the man who scaled Trump Tower in late August? Overall, the election has been a sensation for memes, jokes, and memories that will certainly last a lifetime.

Number 5: Be the Change

Our political system will probably never be the same after this (as some say) ‘revolutionary’ election. If you’re distraught with the legislation of your country, then do something. You could sit around and whine to your neighbors or wait for someone smarter to do it, or, you could step up to the plate. You could spread the word about the future. You could solve the problems that you see. No matter who you are, you can peacefully and successfully change the world with the right determination.