Avoid the Overload on Thanksgiving


Megan Nguyen, Herald Reporter

Here comes the first of the holiday feasts and as delicious as that stuffing looks, there sure is a lot of it! On most Thanksgivings, tables are laid from one end to the other with days worth of food. Family and friends gather around to inhale the feast before their eyes, but one’s stomach can only take so much. From the cranberry sauce to the pumpkin pie, to the biggest tradition of turkey, it is important to pace oneself in order to avoid an overload on the stomach. Refer to the following for tips to enjoy Thanksgiving without the cost busting a gut!

1.Start off the day healthy and well.

To get rid of that guilt and eat sensibly, work off some calories by going on a run. That way, Thanksgiving won’t be all foods and feasts, but a reason to be healthy. Though the schedule may be busy, fitting that work out into the day will make your meal the most satisfying Thanksgiving yet.

  1.  It is proven to be unhealthy to avoid eating at all before the big meal.

On a stomach deprived of food, the chances of uncontrollable binge eating is higher. This messes with your metabolism and the digestion of certain nutrients is not as efficient as it can be. It is not necessary to eat a full breakfast or lunch, but a small meal or snack of fruits and vegetables should suffice.

  1. Obviously, so you’re not too full, just don’t eat!

That simply means eat the foods that excite you most or are your favorites. Thanksgiving will come around again, so there is no need to choke down everything on the table. However, if that is the case, the portion sizes should be considerably smaller in order to fit it all in there.

  1. Eating quickly is not an option.

Take a seat, a breathe, and enjoy the meal because eating too quickly is bad for you. By consuming food at a reasonable rate, your body will signal that you are full and you will know when is a good time to stop. However, shoving the feast down your throat in seconds does not allow a signal for fullness and you end up over-stuffing yourself. Suddenly, the food is gone and you have trouble breathing. It is important to avoid this, so rather than focusing on the food, focus on the event and take it slowly.

Thanksgiving is about cherishing one another’s company. Sure the food is simmering in flavor, but what is the important idea? Family and Friends! Not food. Remember to pay attention to those around you and that should be one big reason to take a step back from the meal.