There’s Art on the Walls!

Arapahoe showcases student’s artwork


Courtney Brown, Journalist

art-buildingsThe fall art show is up on the walls, and will stay until next Wednesday. Exhibiting art from all art classes and mediums, successful projects are displayed as a reminder that Arapahoe is more than just outstanding grades and sports. This gala reminds students that artwork is not just about the process, but also the final product, and to honor those who did exemplary jobs. Students such as:

Senior Tess Goeken who made a black and white grid drawing. The task in her art foundations class was photo realism, but because making art exactly like another photo is incredibly hard. The biggest struggle for Tess was to be happy with the way that it turned out. Tess believes that art classes at Arapahoe give students “the basic tools to succeed” and is very proud to have her art on display in the halls of Arapahoe for her first art project from her first high school art class.

Another student who re-created existing art is junior Lauren Chestnut, who is currently taking her second art class at Arapahoe, dimensional design. “The project was to make a three dimensional sculpture with cardboard or wicker,” Lauren said. Lauren was inspired the first time she drove across the golden gate bridge and is very proud of her work. The knowledge that she was even in the art show was a surprise to Lauren. “I’m like, really excited nart-snakeow, I didn’t even know,” Lauren said.

Artwork with expert craftsmanship, people who followed the rules and thought outside of them. Art is subjective, and no two people will have the same ideas of what art is great, so take some time to choose your favorites. This show is different than Art Attack in the spring, where every student can submit their artwork regardless of enrollment in an art class. So, if you are a student artist, be sure to take advantage of one of the many ways that Arapahoe honors its artists.