Product Review: Echo Dot

Product Review: Echo Dot

Nathan Holmes, Author

Within a few years, Amazon has begun to add some original products of their own to their retail website, and the newest addition is not one to look over. Alexa, Amazon’s artificial intelligence cloud, has been decent in it’s opening years, but it takes on a whole new look in the new Echo Dot.

Amazon Echo was the original device holding Alexa, but not many bought it at $180. Then the 1st generation Echo Dot came. Not much hype, but for $100 it was not a bad idea. The Echo Tap has all but succeeded in gaining any sales, but then October 2016 came. The 2nd Generation Echo Dot was released, and Alexa has never been better. At only $50, it is a steal to get almost anywhere.

At only $50, [Echo Dot] is a steal to get almost anywhere.

— Nathan Holmes

Alexa can do almost anything when on an Echo Dot. You could order a pizza (Dominoes) while listening to Pandora, or your Spotify playlists, or even the news. One could even play games with it, except there is no touchscreen. I spent so much time having fun with Alexa, and could not find an end to what she could do. All I had to do was say “Alexa…” and she did what I said. The microphones are extremely accurate, and the speakers are great for a decent sized room, but an another speaker will be needed for parties. Alexa will also play music and such without being connected to any device, because it is based on a cloud.

All in all, the Echo Dot is very powerful for its size, and if you want to know practically anything instantly, just buy the all new Echo Dot from Amazon.