Thanksgiving and the Lack of Hype


Kendra Sullivan, Herald Reporter

Halloween is dead, barely even buried yet, and the Christmas commercials have already started. But what about Thanksgiving? This American holiday is skipped over time and time again. Yes, almost everyone still celebrates it, but it’s not given as much hype as Halloween or Christmas.

Maybe it has something to do with the lack of movies. Both of these other major holidays have fantastically festive movies to commemorate them. Thanksgiving is lackluster in this department; it has the amazing food and the family aspect people need, but no great, well-known movies that people are willing to watch year after year. Well, maybe, except for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, but even that movie isn’t as well known as it’s Christmas counterpart.

Thanksgiving movies are just not a thing, and that’s slightly disappointing. It makes sense, though, what is there to write about besides food? Thanksgiving love stories are a lot harder to sell than the romanticized Christmas version, with snow and Santa. A turkey isn’t as cute or fun as an adorable little snowman.

No matter what, Thanksgiving should be considered as exciting because there are exciting things! Football, food, and family, what’s not to like? Well, maybe you find football boring and your family is too crazy to be any fun. In either case, there’s still food! Everyone celebrates this holiday a little differently, each family having their own traditions.

Everyone knows the history of Thanksgiving, the story of Pilgrims and Native Americans. If you’re lucky, you had to do a play about it in grade school. Thanksgiving’s history isn’t as interesting as most holidays, so maybe that explains the lack of movies. 

Anyways, Thanksgiving is a holiday where everyone has at least one reason to be grateful. So why skip over all the hype and exciting that comes with this American celebration? Before you start hanging up lights and humming Mariah Carey, be thankful for the stuffing and pumpkin pie that comes with this great holiday.