It’s Time To Get Organized!


Grace Adamson, Herald Reporter

Now that we are approaching Thanksgiving break, it is a good time to organize your school stuff and get everything back together. Think of this as a school fall cleaning. Even doing the simplest of things can help out a ton. Here are some ways for your to finish the first semester smoothly and efficiently.

  1. Use your planner!
  2. Dump out your backpack and take out all of the unwanted items.
    1. This could be any old projects, trash, or any school supplies that you ended up not needing.
  3. Restock your supplies such as pencils, pens, lead and paper.
    1. Go to a store such as Staples or Office Depot to restock if your pencils are broken or your pens are running low on ink.
  4. Clean up your workspace at home
    1. Put away all books and papers that are taking up room on the workspace.
    2. Add a shelving unit if there is not enough room or everything is becoming cluttered.
  5. Make an effort to change your routine if something is not working.
    1. This could be putting your phone out of sight when studying or doing homework.
    2. Or maybe getting straight to your work after school instead of hanging out with friends everyday.