College Football Rankings week 5


Noah Curd, Spear Contributer

The College Football Rankings have changed again. After the dramatic game of Ohio State beating Michigan that changed the standings. Alabama continues to be the top team in the country, Ohio State with their win stays at number two, Clemson won in convincing fashion to go up to number three (where Michigan was), and Washington moved back into the top four. All these teams but Ohio State have conference championship games this week which could shake up what the final rankings could be next week.

There is not much left to say for Alabama. There defense is powerful, and the offense is able to keep going not losing to anybody. It would take a miracle for Florida to beat Alabama in SEC Championship game this coming weekend. Although it is unlikely Florida might be able to pull it off. Alabama is being called maybe the best team in the history of Alabama, which is impressive considering all the teams who have won national championship before them with great talent. Expect to see Alabama in the top spot next week.

Next Game: SEC Championship vs. Florida

Ohio State coming off their great win against Michigan stays at number two. The odd circumstance for Ohio State is that although they are the highest ranked Big Ten team they will not play in the Big Ten Championship. We will see if that could have a big impact on the final rankings. Ohio State should hope for a Wisconsin win as they have beaten Wisconsin but have lost to Penn State this year.

Next Game: None

Clemson moved up one spot from four to three. Clemson will be playing in the ACC Championship. Clemson won the ACC Championship last year. Clemson will be taking on number 23 ranked Virginia Tech Hokies. Clemson would like to replicate what they did in 2011, beating Virginia Tech in the ACC Championship game. This should be an easy win for Clemson, but they can be to overconfident as Clemson lost to unranked Pittsburgh at home this year. Clemson seems to have the easiest way into the playoff behind maybe Alabama.

Next Game: ACC Championship vs. Virginia Tech.

Washington is back at the number four spot for the second time this year. This is new territory for them as they will be playing in the Pac 12 Championship game in Santa Clara, California. Washington is facing a very surprising Colorado Buffaloes team. Washington should be a heavy favorite, but Colorado has beaten Utah this year, who so far has been the only team to beat Washington. For all those Colorado fans out they should just be happy and proud the team has done everything they have this year! Proving everyone wrong. Plan to see Washington in the top four, unless Colorado makes the upset.

Next Game: Pac 12 Championship vs. Colorado

I do not expect these top four teams to change after next week, but stranger things have happened. Michigan dropped out of the top four this last week and now sit at number five. They sit in an uncertain position. Even if one of the top four teams loses they still might not get in. What about the Big Ten champion? It will either be Wisconsin at number six or Penn State at number seven. Can they jump Michigan? The Big 12 still has a slight chance if Oklahoma wins this weekend, and more than one top four team loses this week, but their chance look very slim. Get ready for championship weekend and see if the top four will be shaken up yet again!