When Does Christmas Season Actually Begin?

Megan Nguyen, Herald Reporter

When does Christmas season actually start? Considering the date of Christmas is December 25th, the general idea is that it lasts throughout the month. It makes the most sense for the season to begin on December 1st until the actual day, but malls and shops still acknowledge Christmas in early October.

There are people who take out the garlands, wreath, and Christmas tree on November 1st, the day Halloween ends. This begins the season almost an entire two months before the actual day. Others think it is more reasonable to start celebrating after Thanksgiving, rather than overlooking it. The most sensible of the population begin on December 1st.

Sure, the holiday season is extremely exciting, but celebrating right as Halloween ends can be irrational because it shortens the enjoyment of fall and Thanksgiving. Christmas is technically a winter holiday, and adding an extra month into the season invades autumn territory. After all, there are many more activities associated with Thanksgiving before December, and there is no reason to shorten the list of holiday projects. Therefore, enjoy the final fall days before diving into winter festivities.

Those who see the sense in appreciating Thanksgiving think it is appropriate to declare that the holiday season begins on the first of December. Because this month is known for that one holiday, it is logical that all of the festivities are dedicated towards Christmas. In other words, those acknowledging Christmas during December are not being unreasonable when Christmas is in December.

However, that holiday is adored throughout the nation, and one can not blame another for wanting the Christmas season to extend. The most practical compromise is to begin celebrating the day after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Black Friday. Most people use this tactic shopping for Christmas gifts. That way, Thanksgiving receives the attention it deserves, but the holiday season may start extra early.

In the end, it is all a matter of perspective and choice. Some may value Thanksgiving more than others and skip right to thinking about Christmas, while others care about fitting in all the holidays. No matter, so long as everyone is satisfied by the holidays they choose to give attention to, a technical start to the season may remain controversial.