The Warriors Dominate the Dakota Ridge Eagles


Trevor Timmons

Photo by Trevor Timmons

Saturday December 10, the Arapahoe Warriors hosted the Dakota Ridge Eagles in a regular season basketball matchup. This was the first home game of the season for Arapahoe boys basketball.


What Happened: The Warriors defeated the Eagles, 78-52. The Warriors had started out a little rusty for the beginning of the first quarter of the game. Soon enough they got back into their normal flow and started to play smoothly and efficiently. Dakota Ridge also started slow on offense but eventually found their groove. However Dakota Ridge could never pick up the pace on defense against players like Kyle Lukasiewicz and Ben Timmons. Lukasiewicz led the charge for Arapahoe by dropping a stunning total of 21 points.


Starting Off: Arapahoe has proven this game that they have a really strong defense. They know how to pressure the offense and stopping fast breaks. Also it is important to note that Arapahoe had a high shooting percentage with a team average of 57%. Braxton Reinders and Kyle Lukasiewicz both had above a 50% on three pointers. The Warriors show that they try to keep their shots on point and keep the averages at a steady pace.


At the Free Throw Line: Arapahoe’s weaker performance at the free throw line. Only five of Arapahoe’s players had gone to the line to shoot. The team’s average in free throws was 67% which is lower than what the Warriors are used to.


Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Oh My: The two big-men of Arapahoe, Jared Johnson and Ben Timmons, showed their presence on the court by constantly being there for the rebound. Timmons recorded a total of 12 rebounds and Johnson had 7 rebounds. Then Kyle Lukasiewicz, the all star of this game made sure to be a team player by providing 10 assists. The team together combined for 6 steals to ensure the Eagles would not score.