Need to See on Netflix


Yiru Hess and Olivia Janicek

Must Watch Netflix TV Shows

There’s nothing quite like snuggling under a thick blanket on the couch and flicking on your Netflix account. But with so much to choose from this December, what’s should you click the play button on?



  • “Zoom”: PG: Zoom is an adorable family comedy starring Tim Allen and Chevy Chase. It’s perfect for kids of all ages, and makes an excellent movie to display while babysitting. A superhero retiree attempts to train a collection of teenage and kid superheroes in order to prepare for a battle with his brother, an intense villain. With lighthearted comedy and casual suspense, the movie is full of good values and gleeful fun.




  • “Sherlock Holmes” (BBC Version) (TV-14) – This suspenseful and mind stretching TV Show is a must watch on Netflix. A man named Sherlock Holmes who is a sociopath and his sidekick, John Watson, run across all of Britain, solving police cases and discovering who the true criminals are. Not only does this show contain dark humor, it will also have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.




  • “Hemlock Grove”(TV-MA) – All was well in Western Pennsylvania until a teenage girl is viciously murdered, rising concern in the town. However, it won’t be easy to find out the killer in a very secretive town. This nail biting show consists of plot twists, vampires, werewolves, witches, and many other supernatural animals.




  • “The Flash”: TV-14: Even if you’ve never been interested in superheroes or comics or anything of that sort, you need to check out the pilot of the show. With more than a million followers on Instagram, it’s clear the ‘super powered’ series has taken fans of all ages by storm. After Barry Allen (played by Grant Gustin) receives powers from a ‘particle accelerator’ explosion, he attempts to save the human from metahumans (like himself) that are not heroes, but villains. It’s filled with plot twists, cliffhangers, secret loves, and is basically the definition of the midnight “Just One More Episode…”




  • “Grand Hotel” PG-13 : In this Spanish drama, a brother boards the train to go see his sister who is a maid that works in a mansion. However, once he arrives, he finds that his sister is mysteriously murdered. With a large family full of secrets, he impersonates as a server in order to find out who killed his sister.
  • “Good Morning Call” PG (Japanese): A popular guy and a girl end up being roommates, sharing the rent of a flat in order to live close by school. He soon finds out that she is bullied at school, which he gets sick of and stands up for her.
  • “Noble, My Love” PG 13 (Korean) : In this short episode drama, the CEO of the world’s largest company D.O.L’s Korean branch, Kang Hoon is kidnapped in the middle of the night. However, he soon escapes but blacking out on a sidewalk. Yoon Seo, who is a veterinarian, discovers him and brings him into her shop to cure him.  
  • “Monster PG 14” (Korean) : A psychopath is on the loose in the country, choosing victims at random and killing them, then creating their ashes into poetry and selling it. Until, a girl, who he killed her sister, sets off to chase after him to kill him once and for all.




  • “Big Daddy”PG-13- From 1999, Adam Sandler can do no wrong in this jubilant, sweet hearted comedy. When his character, Sonny, adopts a five year old (actually Cole Sprouse!) in order to prove that he’s responsible to his girlfriend, he finds himself falling in love with the little boy’s ways. It’s cute, it’s comedic, and it never lags in the cry worthy department.
  • “Fuller House”- TV-G- “Fuller House” is a laugh worthy comedy that is sure to bring hearty smiles to anyone who watches it. It’s fun, quick-witted, and a real joy to watch. The story follows DJ Tanner as she attempts to raise her three sons with the help of her sister and her best friend. As you probably guessed, it is a spin-off of the hit original “Full House”.


Chick Flick:


  • “The Gilmore Girls”: TV-14: In this slightly slow moving series, a thirty year old single mother attempts to raise her teenage daughter Rory in small town Stars Hollow. The series is filled with quick enjoyable banter as well as some tear worthy moments. Not to mention, it’s got enough binge-worthy material to go on for months, with several seasons and even Netflix’s own original “Gilmore Girls: A Day in the Life”.




  • “The Vampire Diaries” (Not Rated) – 2 heart throbbing vampires, Stefan and Damon, both fall in love with a human girl, Elena. However, the plot soon blows up when Elena becomes more involved in their lives, discovering their dark paths. This show will make you feel several emotions all at once, and emotionally connect you with each character throughout every episode.



“A Christmas Kiss” (PG) : A girl with big dreams for designing ends up as an assistant of one of America’s biggest designer. However, a simple kiss in an elevator with an anonymous guy, just so happens to be the designer’s boyfriend. What will she do?