Denver Art Museum presents ‘The Power of Costume’

Lea Wolff, staff writer


The Denver Art Museum will be releasing their exhibit ¨Star Wars and the Power of Costume¨ on November 13th, 2016. I had the amazing opportunity to tour the exhibit during the press release. This exhibit does not refrain from telling the story of how these costumes were made and designed.

The idea for this exhibit was given to the Denver Art Museum three years ago in 2013 by the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition Service in partner with Lucas Museum of Narrative Art. Since then, the art museum has put together a brilliant exhibit with original costumes, sketches, and items from the original films.

Christoph Heinrich comments on why the Denver Art Museum choose this exhibit,¨We’ve always wanted to do something like this film is an idea of the 21st century.¨

Although these costumes are going to be touring around the country, these items are limited to the Denver Art Museum. Some of these gems include Leia’s digital watch, dice from one of the original movies, sketches, and drawings from Iain McCaig (costume and character designer of the star wars films) and many other objects that brought the films together.

If you have time, I highly suggest visiting this unique exhibit that will be running until  April 2017. The costumes are beautifully displayed and the items in this exhibit truly enhance the experience.