Dear Freshman: Our Fear of the Unknown – FINALS

Lauren David, Reporter

Dear Freshmen,


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and the worst. Finals are here and the weight of it all is setting in. Many of us started studying weeks ago in paranoia, while others waited until the last minute to pull out those age-old notes gathering dust in a drawer somewhere.

No matter what you’re studying strategy is, there is no doubt that we are all stressed out to a point of insanity. Finals are not something to take lightly. But how is it even possible to recall every last detail of the material we learned months ago in a week? Not to mention the holiday funk everyone is falling into (who wants to take tests right before break?). This is the home stretch, the final days before finals and then, break! We have to give this last week our best on finals, for this is not the time be slacking off.

So it’s time to put down your phone, open your notes and finish those study guides your teachers have been pressuring you to do. It will really make a difference in your final grades. But don’t be to hard on yourself! Focus on the classes you feel you need to study for the most, rather than study to the extreme for every class you have (but it is wise to study for each class). This will no doubt be a very stressful week, but if you use your time wisely, all will work out in the end.