Girls Varsity Basketball preview vs. Cherry Creek High School

Rees LaBree, Jake Reed, and Zach Goodman

       The Arapahoe girls basketball team looks to improve upon a 7-4 record with a game against Cherry Creek this Saturday, Jan 14. Currently, they have a .500 win percentage within the league and are coming off a 4-1 run in the past five games. The only loss in that stretch was a blowout from Grandview.

       On the other side of the ball, Cherry Creek girls basketball is in good standing against other teams. With their record at 6-4, they currently rank 28th in the state. Their win percentage in their league is 100%, and are going into their game tomorrow with a 3 game win streak, which could turn into a 4 game win streak against the Warriors. Of those three games includes a blowout win against Overland, winning 87-48. Across the roster they have a lot of diversity between grades, with a significant amount of players who are sophomores or juniors. This not only shows advanced play, but also could prove to be a powerhouse for the next years to come.

       The matchup between the two teams will be highly contested, with both teams having strong records and positions within the state. Creek will be playing a game on Wednesday the 11th, which could possibly wear them down before the matchup with the Warriors on Saturday. On the other hand, you have Creek who badly beat Grandview, playing against Arapahoe who was blown away by Grandview. The likely outcome is a win from Creek, but we expect Arapahoe to give them a run for their money.