Which Sports Head Game is Better?

Zach Goodman and Brandon Dryer

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It’s been a debate for ages. Which game is better? Sports Head Tennis or Sports Head Basketball. Finally experts, Brandon (Basketball) and Zach (Tennis), have gotten together to discuss.
Although Sports Head Basketball is fun Sports Head Tennis prevails as the best game because of its simplicity but challenging game style. The controls are simple, you can move back and forth, jump, and of course swing the racket. It is very simple to return the ball but the opposing player is also pretty good. The computer is good enough to be challenging but not too hard so that it is impossible to win. Your player competes in a ten person tournament where you need to win to move on. In the tournament there are all the best professional tennis players except their names have been slightly changed to make them hilarious. The simplicity but never ending fun of the game is why it is the better game.

Many people enjoy the great game of Sports Head Basketball since it uses real NBA players. A long time supporter, Scott G Mountz says, “ He loves playing as the Boston Celtics because he gets to play with this all time favorite player, Rajon Rondo.” Not only does Sports Head Basketball portray real NBA players, but they have crazy power ups. These power ups allow you to move faster, hit harder, and jump higher. You can do all these actions by simply hitting the arrow keys to move and jump and the space button to hit. What really separates itself from Sport Head Tennis is the playoffs and championship game. In order to make it to the playoffs, the player must beat out other teams in their conference. It is truly a challenge to win it all and brings great competition to the game.

After hours of argument the only thing the experts could agree on was to let the fans decide. So try out the games and vote on the poll for the winner!

Which Sports Head Game is Better?

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