Boo’s Clues: Why College Football is More Fun to Watch than the NFL


Reid Conant, Columnist

After an incredible National Championship game something dawned on me. I realized that College Football is more exciting than the NFL. I also realized Deshaun Watson was the best player on the field and that was the reason why Clemson won. If you have the best player on the field you can win any game in college football. In the NFL everyone is an incredible athlete and not one person can dominate a game like Deshaun Watson did on January 9th.

As I was watching the game my dad turned to me and said, “This game reminds me a lot of the USC vs. Texas Rose Bowl game with Vince Young”. Then ironically after the game Deshaun said that all he was thinking was “Vince Young” on the final drive of the game. After he said that many people have compared Watson to Vince Young. I think he will be better than Vince but that is another discussion for another day.

The reason why college football is so much fun to watch is because the best players on the field can do something incredible at any time (usually at the end of the game). I’ll use another example, in the Rose Bowl this year (USC vs. Penn State) the best player on the field was clearly Sam Darnold and his team won.

This year Alabama might’ve been the better all around team but Deshaun Watson was the best player on the field that night and the reason why Dabo Swinney won his first National Championship as the Head Coach at Clemson. I think Alabama’s defense looks like a pro defense, they aren’t a pro defense and aren’t as experienced as an NFL defense but they “look” like an NFL team. What I mean is that they have size, even their corners can hit people. They had no answer for Deshaun in the second half but they shook him up pretty good in the first hit. They were clearly trying to send a message and it worked for 27 minutes of the game. I think this is another great characteristic of Deshaun Watson. This quality is necessary to be a good NFL quarterback (and I think he will be). He went through adversity and he picked himself up off the ground time and time again and kept believing in himself and his teammates.

For the fans at home this game was a blast to watch. Simply put if you didn’t enjoy watching that game then you don’t enjoy watching football. I sat on my couch for four and a half hours glued to the television screen and I don’t regret a single second of it. Also simply put, college football is more fun to watch. Period. This game is a prime example.