Pro Bowl Skills Showdown


Ben Brandse and Connor Desch

As NFL season comes to a close there are only two weeks until the Super Bowl between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. The only interruption from the Super Bowl is the Pro Bowl. In the past, the Pro Bowl has been lacking viewers and many players decide to skip playing in it.

This year the league decide to bring back a skills competition to the Pro Bowl. The skills competition was removed from the Pro Bowl in 2007 and there is excitement about the return. There are four different events at the skill competition this year, Dodgeball, Relays, Precision Accuracy, and Best Hands. These competition are more exciting than the previous competitions of  40 yard dash, bench press, catching, kicking for distance, and throwing for accuracy. The Pro Bowl also had captains chose the teams to try to make the game more interesting in the past.

These new additions to Pro Bowl adds some new excitement to the event and will hopefully add some viewers to the spectacle. The Pro Bowl has been talked being eliminated but it adds entertainment and should stay.