Super Bowl 51: Commercial Predictions


Photo by Pexels of Pixabay

Olivia Janicek, Spear Contributor

Whether you’re an avid football fan or just there for the snacks, commercials are always something to look forward during any Superbowl. They’re creative, enjoyable, and often very memorable. Last year, as the Broncos faced off with the Panthers, the ads left us laughing, tearing up, and sometimes even weirded out. There was the catchy melody from the odd but somehow hilarious Mountain Dew ad, “Puppy Monkey Baby”, Doritos “Ultrasound” commercial, and who could forget the adorable dachshunds running into condiments’ arms from Heinz? But what can we expect this year? Will they be laugh-worthy or just a let down? Here’s what we know so far…

  1. Doritos are Done: For several years, Doritos has hosted its “Crash the Superbowl” contest, where it allows ANYONE to enter an ad they filmed and designed themselves, for a chance to win $1 million dollars. The competition has always been a success, producing some of the best commercials to ever breach the airways. Unfortunately, Superbowl 50 marked the conclusion of the contest. Doritos may still air a commercial, but it won’t be the winner of their usual contest.
  2. Mountain Dew is Still Weird: We’re not 100% sure what Mountain Dew will bring watchers this year, but it won’t be anything normal. No one can forget their 2016 spot, “Puppymonkeybaby” as they advertised their Kickstart drink, which was “a combination of three awesome things.” Recently, Mountain Dew has aired it’s newest ad, “Freak Chain”, which promotes Kickstart once more. The ad features… well, a dancing cat, fish, frog, and mosquito. It’s nevertheless entertaining but it may leave your eyes wide for a moment.
  3. Melissa McCarthy?: KIA has decided to go big this year with an A-class comedian for their ad. While the official promo has not been revealed, there are teasers across the web showing McCarthy dashing and screaming in a sandy area. With Melissa McCarthy, we never know what an ad’s going to turn out like, but it’s got to be good.
  4. Mr. Clean Steps Up: When you think of memorable commercials, you probably don’t think of Mr. Clean and his magic cleansing eraser that leaves your kitchen spotless. This year, Mr. Clean is not just a fantasy man there to wash your appliances. In fact, he dances in tight jeans and flirts while sweeping. Though it’s not what we were expecting, it’s fun, cute, and leaves us with casual smiles.
  5. Snickers Live!: With all of the live things joining the film industry today including live musicals, it makes total sense why the ads had to get involved. This year, Snickers is going big with the first ever live Superbowl spot. It features Adam Driver and horses, sounds like fun, right? We think so too, and we can’t wait to see how it turns out in the end.

We’ll have a review of the best Superbowl ads after Superbowl 51 finishes. Who do you think will take the prize of the best Superbowl commercial of 2017?