Controversial Super Bowl Ads



Nathan Holmes, Author

Every first Sunday of February, the Super Bowl happens. With the Super Bowl comes commercials, usually funny. However, this year was disappointing. With minor amounts of comedy in commercials, opinionated accusations were more common to befall the screen. Not that their opinions are wrong, but to a certain extent we don’t care about something that has nothing to do with your product.

People bringing personal beliefs into their company doesn’t always represent all of the employees, and should not happen.

— Nathan Holmes

Now, these opinions were almost always anti-Trump. Trump is probably the most hated person in the U.S., with Kim Kardashian coming in a close second. It is okay to have an opinion on him, but bringing your company into it is not okay. This begins with Audi. Their commercial was all about a father and his daughter. He kept saying that how can he tell his daughter that she will never be as good as her male counterparts. The answer: don’t. Americans keep thinking that women have no rights, but they fall in with men every time. Now, there are exceptions, like abortion rights, and that is why Audi is targeting pro-life people, by saying that they are taking away women’s rights. This has absolutely nothing to do with their cars.

Then there was 84 Lumber. 84 lumber’s ad was so controversial only the first minute made the broadcast. It was about a mother and daughter and their emotional journey to becoming American citizens. Unfortunately, there was a wall (Aimed at Trump). They pushed through the doors of the wall and made it into America, technically illegally. Lumber is used to build the wall, but this commercial is just a jab at Trump and fellow wall-wanting people.

Airbnb had a controversial commercial too. Now, there is nothing wrong with having beliefs, but this was a jab at the executive order by Trump banning refugees for 90 days while the system is checked. This commercial makes it seem like Trump is stopping immigration altogether, which he is not doing.* It has also been released that Airbnb’s co founders were the one’s that edited the commercials, bringing personal beliefs into their business.

Google also showed a Gay Pride Flag in their commercial early in the game, but it was merely in the background and not as controversial. Nevertheless, people bringing personal beliefs into their company doesn’t always represent all of the employees, and should not happen.


*Trump’s order has been verified to be within his constitutional rights