To Do and Not To Do’s on Valentines Day From the Men of Spear

To Do and Not To Do's on Valentines Day From the Men of Spear

Reid Conant, Keegan Fulwider, Quinn Trask, and Connor Desch

Here are some quick tips on what to do/not to do for that special someone on Valentine’s Day.

Things to do

  1. Get her a gift, even if she says not to
  2. Make a nice reservation
  3. A nice Valentine’s Day card
  4. Flowers
  5. Surprise her
  6. Favorite candy
  7. Chocolate covered fruit
  8. Be creative
  9. Be a gentleman, includes opening doors and picking her up
  10. Pay for dinner


Not to do’s

  1. “Forget” your wallet
  2. Show up late
  3. Under dress/Over dress
  4. Get her nothing
  5. Get a ticket/pulled over
  6. Double date on V Day
  7. Subtweet your ex
  8. Break up on V Day
  9. Host a party
  10. Go see Fifty Shades Darker