Dystopian is Overdone


Grace Adamson, Herald Reporter

Everywhere you look there is something in our world that is dystopian. Whether it be a movie, a book, or even our own curriculum it is always around us. I am not saying that dystopian is bad, but I am saying that it is way overdone, partly because we are always wanting to know about our future and what will soon happen to us. Personally, I am getting tired of always seeing a movie that has the same plot as the last one that I saw. Reading almost the exact same book again. And analyzing the same story plot again and again in class. With a few exceptions, most dystopian stories have some sort of government that controls everything that the citizens do and all people are oblivious to it. In the end one person in the city rebels and realizes the wrongs of the government. Why is it that in the future, humans are shown as fools who don’t even realize what is happening right in front of them? Is it because we are a version of that now?

For me, these stories have no hope and places the thought that our future is doomed and that we will someday have no freedom of thought or action. This, then, places the question of how this affects our youth perceiving this message. If a main source of media is telling its viewers that there is not much hope in our future this must make them question our world and government today.

I want to leave with the question of why we are so caught up in dystopian fantasy? Is it because we only want what is next? Or simply because we are not happy with what we have now?