Fantastic Bookstores and Where to Find Them


Courtney Brown, Journalist

From the classic prince rescuing a princess in distress, to a riveting tale of holding the highest elected office in America or an interesting look into the human psych – the world is full of amazing stories.

Here are the two best places to find them:

Barnes and Noble- Chanson plaza, 8136 W Bowles Ave, Littleton CO, 80123

Tattered Cover- Aspen Grove, 7301 S Santa Fe Dr, Littleton, CO 80120.

Books make great gifts, it can be helpful to annotate right on the pages, and it’s nice to not have to worry about water damage and late fees. Libraries are amazing too, but sometimes it’s just nice to own a book. Today, going to a bookstore is also an experience and bookstores often diversify from selling just books.

The TatteredCover is my personal favorite, because it has every book you could ever want, and a fun small bookstore feel.  Almost as interesting as the books themselves is the ceiling high bookshelves that create small, furnished rooms. The Tattered Cover uses recycled chairs, tables and couches to make the buyer feel at home, and encourage them to stay and sit.

The Tattered Cover is quite large with books covering almost all topics and sections. They are conveniently labeled, but if you ever get lost, there are friendly personnel who can help you. Each book comes with a Tattered Cover Bookmark, and on them the quote:

“Books are humanity in Print” by Barbara Tuchman.

Barnes and Noble also offers a wide selection of books in all genres. It differs from other bookstores because of its clean and industrial style. It is easy to navigate and has a Starbucks directly in the center, but provides the only seating in the entire bookstore.

Barnes and Noble focuses on being a 21st century bookstore, selling book lights and dedicating a large part of their huge store to electronic nooks. It also has a large, playful children’s section.

Whatever the bookstore, reading is such a gift and one that is meant to be shared.This is what truly makes a visit to a bookstore special.


If you are willing to go a little further away, also try:


The Book Rack- 4061 E Wesley Ave, Denver, CO

Cornerstone Books- 3601 S Sherman S, Englewood, CO 80113

Amazing Fantasy Comics- 6721 W Ken Caryl Ave, Littleton, CO 80128