La Guatemalteca (Food Review)


Krista Ramirez, Video Producer

Most people would agree that Mexican food is very prominent in the US, even if it is not actually authentic. Most people are accustomed to the taste of places like Chipotle, Cafe Rio or Qdoba. However, if you ask a true Mexican, they will say that is not real Mexican food. I am one of those people who are dissatisfied with popular franchises. Out of dissatisfaction, I decided that it was time I show some of my caucasian friends the real taste of South American countries.

During one of our off hours, I convinced two of my friends to go outside their comfort zone and indulge in some authentic Guatemalan food. I recently discovered The Guatemalteca off Littleton Blvd and I was not disappointed. Even though the Guatemalteca is mostly influenced by Guatemalan cuisine, they also serve Mexican and other South American dishes.


During our outing, Tia and I ordered tacos de lengua. Tacos de lengua translates to tongue tacos in Spanish, and that is exactly what they are. More specifically cow tongue. Renae ordered pupusas which originate from El Salvador. While we waited for our food we were provided with unlimited chips and salsa which was pretty standard. We were also offered Mexican Coca-Cola and Tikis which are Mexican style Fantas. We waited about 15 minutes for our food but we soon realized that we were not going to make it back to class. The friendly service offered to put our food in to go boxes because we were out of time. We had no option but to eat in the car. Although the food was delicious and well worth the wait I would not recommend you try to go during an off hour because you will not make it back in time. 

Although we ate in a rush I think it was evident that it was well worth it. “This is way better than Cafe Rio, I don’t know why people don’t come here.” Renae was certainly satisfied and is pictured enjoy her food on her way to her government class. We give the Guatemalteca 4 out of 5 stars because the food was above our expectations and the service was terrific.