Stores on Broadway Offer an Eclectic Shopping Experience

Consignment and thrift stores on Broadway that are worth checking out.

Outside of Regal Vintage.

Outside of Regal Vintage.

Becca Schwisow, Herald Copy Editor

This past weekend, I was on an adventure to find a new pair of jeans. Though I could have easily bought one at the mall, I decided to visit some thrift stores on Broadway. In the afternoon I was gone, I was able to visit five stores. Though the shopping part was unsuccessful, I found some stores I will definitely be revisiting.


Inside of Regal Vintage in the back room.

Regal Vintage:

Regal Vintage is about thirty minutes from my house. While that distance is a little further than I would like to drive for a normal shopping trip, looking through the different clothes is fascinating. The prices vary, but since most clothes are “one of a kind” from different eras, they are a little pricey. Nonetheless, it is a fun store to visit and look through. There are two main rooms with women’s and men’s clothes, and a small side room with various toys and collector items.

Price: $$$

Address: 1866 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210


Fifty Two 80s:

Fifty Two 80s is a toy store with tons of old toys. There is not any clothing (besides a small collection of Bronco’s gear in the back) but it was interesting to see all the different toys from the last century. I didn’t spend much time in this store, but for those that are more “into” vintage toys, it will be a blast. This store is also located right next to Regal Vintage.

Price: (I didn’t really see the prices)

Address: 1874 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210


Goodwill on Broadway:

The Goodwill on Broadway

The Goodwill on Broadway is a department-store-turned-thrift-store and is the largest Goodwill I have been in. There are two levels, though the lower level with furniture is kind of small. There was a wide variety of women’s clothes, and the men’s section seemed small (though I wasn’t there for a long time). It was extremely busy that day, with another sale going on, so I didn’t stay very long. The location is near the Mayan Theater, and there seemed to be a lot of fun stores around the area. Overall, it is a place I would go to again, on a day that is not so busy.

Price: $

Address: 21 S Broadway Denver, CO 80209


Arc on Broadway:

This Arc store is pretty similar to most thrift stores in Highlands Ranch/Littleton. There was not really a defining aspect of this store, but I will probably go back another time. On this particular day, there was a 50 percent off sale, so it was busier than I would expect on any other day. I also had some interactions with some interesting personalities (such as a lady making comments about us, and the supervisor yelling at us for not standing in the right place for the line). All in all, it is a store I will go back to, despite the customers.

Price: $

Address: 1515 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80210


Buffalo Exchange on Broadway.

Buffalo Exchange:

I was excited to visit this store. Similar to Plato’s Closet, it is a consignment store that customers can buy and sell clothes at. It was a little pricey compared to what I was expecting, but the clothes were in great condition. Definitely a “hip” place to visit, and there were tons of young people in there. From what I saw, most of the brands are places you would find at the mall, and the costs were somewhat lower than regular retail pricing. I definitely want to go back and explore more, and it is located just a few stores down from the Goodwill.

Price: $$

Address: 51 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203