Academy Awards: Success with a Hint of Struggle


Photo by @tpsdave of Pixabay.

Olivia Janicek

Oh the “Oscars”. The evening kicks off with an extravagant pan through the celebrity world of fashion. Shimmering dresses, extra tall heels, and highlighted cheeks are the couture everyone seems to be longing for. Afterwards, a comedic host makes his entrance to greet the stars and the viewers crowded around their television. Then the fun begins. There are musical showcases and carefully cut videos. Jokes and games to go down in Oscar history. 2017 Oscars made quite a show, so here’s a recap of what went well and what…. well…. didn’t.


Jimmy Kimmel- Jimmy Kimmel provided awesome flare for these Oscars. He was comedic, quick-paced, and extremely innovative. Even viewers at home enjoyed the cloud of candy falling from the ceiling into the hands of stars. He never got too political, and kept things simple, lighthearted, and enjoyable for everyone.

Unsuspecting Tourists- Something that’s never been in the “Oscars” before, premiered on Sunday night. Average citizens. That’s right, Jimmy Kimmel invited a collection of tourists into the “Oscars” from a city bus. Each one was more astounded than the last. With selfie sticks and extreme excitement, their arrival is something we’ll never forget.

“Moana” Performance- Auli’i Cravalho left us all in awe. She was so confident and her voice so impeccable, we all forgot she was only sixteen years old. Even when a stray flag from the dancers nailed her in the face, she stayed professional. She kept singing, and our happiness did too.


The “Walmart Receipt” Ads- Now, I know this isn’t technically part of the “Oscars” itself, but it was consistent throughout the program. Walmart decided to pay top dollar for four directors to produce three films based on one Walmart receipt. When they came on, they were really… uneventful. The only one that truly brought a smile to my face was the one by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, which featured a musical mashup of the items on the list. It was cute and creative, but the one ad could not save the program from the failures of the others.

The Major Mess Up (obviously!)- Even if you didn’t watch the “Oscars”, you’re probably aware of what happened when La La Land was announced best picture. Basically, the crew was onstage making their speeches when they were interrupted by a frantic speaker quoting that there had been a mistake. Moonlight was the actual winner. The La La Land team, though sorrowful, handled it extremely well. We can all applaud them for that.