‘Logan’ Review


Zak DeBaggis and Jack Adamson

In his final journey, the legendary Hugh Jackman returns as The Wolverine. This time Wolverine is now an old and gruntled old man who now only knows himself as Logan. Along with old age, Logan is losing his abilities including his self-healing. He lives along the Mexico-US border with mutant Caliban and a withering Professor X. Logan isn’t the only one who has had time take its toll, as Professor X now has some brain disease much like dementia, that can be dangerous for everyone around him. Then a young mutant named Laura comes along who is very much like Logan.

‘Logan’ is not your average superhero movie, in fact, it could be just as great of a movie if the superheroes weren’t in it. The movie is rated ‘R’ which is understandable after seeing the success of ‘Deadpool.’ Immediately from the opening scene audiences are shown that this isn’t any ordinary movie. The first act of the movie is very entertaining and will have audiences at the edge of their seats. During the second act is just as good as the first but has more of an emotional base for audiences to connect to as Logan and Professor X carry around Laura and try to bond together. Then the third act will tug at everyone’s heartstrings as it is what Hugh Jackman claims to be the last time he’ll play The Wolverine.

The cast is all perfect (as expected) and the character of Laura, played by Dafne Keen was stunning in her performance. As well as the main antagonists of Pierce and Dr. Rice played by Boyd Holbrook (Pierce) and Richard E. Grant (Dr. Rice) were exciting villains due to their twisted ideologies of mutants.

Overall ‘Logan’ is a perfect sendoff to Hugh Jackman’s depiction of the clawed hero and will leave audiences remembering this movie for a long time.

Overall Score: 9.5/10